Well-Collected: March Favourites

I’ll be honest: March was taxing. I’ve had a lot going on personally plus pandemic fatigue has definitely set in. It’s been a very, very long year. The light at the end of the tunnel is definitely there, though, and seeing the flowers poke through the ground on our walks is giving me the little boost I need. This month’s favourites are perhaps not the sexiest, but they really do improve my day-to-day, which – let’s be honest – is what I’m really looking for at this point in the year. I promise you’ll find some new things to love below. Izzy’s sharing two of her favourite picks, too!

Have you tried slugging? I’ve become a big fan recently. Essentially, it’s layering a thick, emollient layer over your serum at night to lock in moisture in a big way. You can use Aquaphor, Vaseline or – my fave – Weleda Skin Food. The herbaceous, lanolin-based salve soothes skin and feels like a mini-spa experience when you layer it on. It does triple-duty as the most intensive treatment for your roughest spots and as a natural-glow highlighter when applied to the high points of your face, too. I recommend this product at least once a year, but I’m not feeling bad about doing it again. Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream, $24.99

After searching for new sunnies for what feels like forever, I finally bought these matte black frames from Australian brand Quay at Nordstrom. On my face, they provide good eyebrow coverage and the shape feels fresh. I’ve always coveted black-framed Ray Bans but they’ve never really worked for my face, so these feel like a big win! Price-wise, they’re also the perfect in-between for sunglasses that are a bit elevated but not quite designer (especially key for toddler mom life, where sunglasses exist to be ripped off your face and tossed onto the sidewalk). Quay After Hours 50mm Square Sunglasses, $75

When I’m stressed, I eat a lot of popcorn, take a lot of baths, rewatch Grey’s Anatomy…and purchase expensive candles. This season of life called for a spa-like scent and I’m so happy with the calming vibes of this Eucalyptus-scented candle from Diptyque. It might seem silly to buy a “one-note” candle, but this manages to be complex and unique. If you’re looking to splurge, I can’t recommend Diptyque enough – they’re as gorgeous as they are high-quality and I have yet to buy one I don’t love. Eucalyptus Candle, $92.

I know, I know. Socks. On a must-haves list. But hear me out: it’s hard to find good no-show socks for all your spring/summer sneaks! Longtime blog reader (+ my former summer camp bud!) Sara suggested these last year and they’ve proven to be the best socks of my life. Yes, that’s a thing. They stay put, they’re comfortable and you can’t see them once your shoes are on. Buy them. Experience the joy. No-Show Socks, $18.99 for 6 pairs.

Small joys: sparkling water flavoured like your childhood. If you were a fan of the peach Fruite beverage as a kid (my Nonna always had some on hand for Sunday lunch), start the car. This lightly peachy sparkling water is reminiscent of the saccharine bevy but way more drinkable. I love it (and the lime) so, so much. bubly peach sparkling water, $4.97 for 12

Izzy’s Picks:

Drop by Izzy’s room at bedtime and you’ll likely hear her exclaiming “Cookie book! Pizza book!”. These beautifully-illustrated and interactive books walk your child through a recipe start-to-finish, beginning with ingredients and allowing them to participate along the way. Izzy loves “sifting” ingredients for cookies and “kneading” the dough for pizza in the book. We love them so much that I immediately purchased another set for a new baby set to arrive this fall. Cookies! / Pizza! Interactive Recipe Book, ~$25 each.

I’m pleased to announce that we have *officially* reached the “bows, snap clips & scrunchies required” phase of toddlerhood. Izzy’s hair is more voluminous, curly and wild by the day – I love it. One of my favourite ways to keep it out of her face are these gorgeous snap clips in Liberty & Rifle Paper Co. fabrices from Clover & Jules, a Toronto-based small shop. Word on the street is she’s dropping a new collection with gorgeous ginghams on Thursday night… Snap Clips, $7.95/pair