Why I Won’t Be Turning On Post Notifications for Instagram

Alright, friends. It’s time to calm the eff down. Yes, we’re all a little testy about the new Instagram algorithm – self included. But that doesn’t mean you need to post a cute little graphic on your Instagram asking your followers to please turn on push notifications so they can keep seeing your ah-mazing content when the change happens.


It’s been breaking my little heart to see so many bloggers and Instagrammers I respect demanding their followers click the three little dots and pledge their push notifications to the Instagram gods.

Let’s all take a little breather and remember…

Asking your hard-earned followers to turn on notifications is a nice short-term fix, but let’s be reasonable about it. This dedication to notifications is going to last all of five minutes. Imagine you’re following even 500 people who post once per day on average. That’s at minimum 500 notifications from Instagram per day. This will not last.

What are push notifications on Instagram

Want to know why?


Your photos are just not that important.

I’m sorry, but I don’t care enough about your latest peony-macaron-white-balanced flat lay to get a push notification when you share it on Instagram. And there’s a good chance your other followers don’t either.

When Should You Turn On Post Notifications

Instagram post notifications new algorithm


Are you consistently missing out on posts from your best friends because you follow too many people? I feel you. Turn on post notifications for your squad so you don’t miss a single post.

  • Timely accounts

Are you following a news outlet, celebrity with a penchant for last-minute meetups or a pregnant girlfriend about to pop? Push notifications are a fantastic way to make sure you’re getting up-to-the-minute information on timely events.

  • Contesting

Has your favourite blogger or brand promised a sweet giveaway that’s going live “sometime tomorrow morning”? Turn on post notifications so you can get a good shot at winning.

What You Should Do Instead

If you want to win in the new algorithm system you need to do a combination of two things:

a) Improve your content

b) Pony up the cold hard cash

Why you shouldn't turn on push notifications from Instagram

The only way to ensure your content isn’t missed in the new algorithm is to solve the internet-old problem of producing high-quality content targeted at your audience. It’s not rocket science, but you’ll have to keep tabs on what’s performing and keep doing more of that. If you want to double-up on your opportunities, consider putting some advertising dollars behind your best posts.

Can we please stop the madness now? We’re a bunch of smart cookies and I hate to see us acting like Aunt Edna on Facebook screeching in caps lock about how if we don’t copy/paste this status rightnow twelve puppies will die.

P.S. I won’t ask you to turn on notifications for me, but I would looooove if you could visit me over at @stephaniefusco on Instagram! Plan to see a lot of our kitten, some makeup and yes…lots of bright-white flat lays. #sorrynotsorry xo

  • CrystalGibson1

    I think I’ve been relentless about my disdain for this situation. My feed is inundated with these stupid notification posts and while some may turn them on because they don’t understand that they’re signing up for push notifications, I think we will see the decline of subscribing real quick. Great points on how to succeed at the ‘gram. Maybe we’ll start seeing less copycat posts and more uniqueness?

  • HBaker2005

    stephaniefusco this is so on point over half the photos in my #Instagram feed today are pretty #turnonnotifications pics U0001f602U0001f602U0001f44fU0001f3fb

  • katstanford

    YES U0001f64cU0001f3fb! Thanks you for this, my feed has gone crazy with notifications post over the last few days.

  • mu_your_mind

    This is a fantastic post and totally spot on. I turn off all my own push notifications, why would I expect someone else to get instant alerts to my content? I’m definitely not that frigging interesting, nor do I even want 300+ heads up a day when someone posts a picture of their baby again! 😉

  • jbutlerames

    YES. I roll my eyes every time I see those posts begging for people to turn on notifications. Hellll nah. I don’t have push notifications on for anything, why would I want it for Instagram? Instagram is just not that important. 🙂

  • BeautybyBirdy1

    stephaniefusco you always seem to capture what others are thinking, in an appropriate way, and I appreciate that! U0001f495

  • stephaniefusco

    BeautybyBirdy1 Thank you! That’s kind of the best compliment 🙂

  • nmountain

    I couldn’t agree more! From a marketing perspective, it comes off as naggy and annoying. If anything, fans will become resentful and frustrated with the influx of people essentially begging them to get notifs. I’ve informed Facebook fans before to get post notifs, but in my opinion, a multitude of Facebook notifs is completely different than on Insta. Awesome post, Stephanie! You hit the nail on the head!

  • CrystalGibson1 We’ve reached peak FOLLOW ME PLZ. We’ve seen this multiple times on multiple platforms and it’s no better than the usual chain letter type rumour. 

    Push notifications should not be resolved for individuals unless you are a S-T-A-L-K-E-R. I think it’s especially interesting because there is no way for us to see if a) people have seen the post asking you to subscribe b) if they’ve actually subscribed.

    Uniqueness is a tough sell when a certain type of content excels on the platform…

  • katstanford I can’t handle it anymore! It’s the worst when it’s coming from really smart people, too.

  • mu_your_mind Exactly! I will happily manage my own mentions, but I don’t need an alert every time @xyzlifestyleblogger updates their feed.

  • jbutlerames Yup! There are definitely some great use cases for it, but overall I don’t think it makes sense for individual users. Where’s the urgency in a blogger’s latest post about a lipstick? No thanks!

  • nmountain I was just chatting with someone about when this happened on Facebook. There are some people I subscribe to, but overall I like to just go about my day and enjoy the newsfeed. If there’s someone I’m missing out on, I’ll seek them out. Easy peasy!

  • natalieivory

    I was so close to making one of those stupid images, but I’m so glad I didn’t. I was only going to do it because everyone else was – but the truth is, I have not ONCE clicked turn on notifications for the people who have been posting those images. Thanks for this post, it’s nice to see what you think about it and I agree with you! If your content is good, the rest will come.

  • lipsticknlaura

    Definitely agree with this post. I’m not too keen on the new algorithm, but if I really want to see specific users’ posts, I’ll go out of my way. Push notifications just annoy me, and going through my Instagram feed this morning was SUCH a hassle. It’s not like posts are going to disappear entirely. They’ll still be there. Just in a different format.

  • lipsticknlaura I think you really hit the nail on the head with that – people have this fear that their followers won’t see their posts.

    From what Instagram has shared, they’re simply prioritizing high-quality, high-affinity content in your feed. They’re not hiding posts. 

    I’m hard-pressed to think of anyone I want to receive push notifications from. I have never once opted in to receive push notifications from other users on Instagram…and this won’t make me start. As I mentioned above, the only thing I might consider is subscribing to close friends so I’m not losing their content in the fray.

  • natalieivory I think seeing posts from other people is making us all a bit frantic – as if you’re going to miss the boat on likes and other engagement if you don’t do what everyone else is doing.

    This isn’t a fix for the algorithm – it’s just a little stop gap. I haven’t ‘followed’ anyone either. People always try to circumvent the system when there’s a change in the algorithm… it doesn’t work long-term. No one is going to subscribe to your content on an ongoing basis on a platform like Instagram. 

    Everyone will have to accept that quality content is the name of the game…and that a little dose of paid will help boost you when you really need it to hit certain goals.

  • BeautyReflectTS

    AMEN. Like HOLY crap everyone. It’s just Instagram. WHO. CARES. And if you already make money off your Starbucks pics, then PAY UP I say. You can afford it. I’m so mean haha. Why would I want my phone to constantly go off all day to see your dog fart? NOPE. If I like you, I’ll find you. If you liked my pics, then I’ll like back. It’s pretty simple. That’s how it always worked anyways, right? Funny most of the people who freaked today and begged NEVER like my pics anyways? Unfollowed them.

  • SwatchandReview

    Aaand Instagram just announced nothing is changing right now. I wonder how these rumours start? Everyone was convinced it was going down tomorrow. I, for one, spent a few minutes culling down my list and making sure I was in fact following people I like (and people that post photos of kittens)

  • acertainromblog

    thank you! 
    We must put an end to this craziness right now!

  • sassygirlcanada

    AnatheaT stephaniefusco I agree 100%! I’m beyond sick of those notification requests, lol.

  • SwatchandReview Do you follow Eva Chen? She’s unreal. Works at Instagram now and had been sassing these rumours allllll day.

  • SwatchandReview I wish there was a way to mass-unfollow on Insta like there is for Twitter! I’d love to do a bit of a cull but I always find the process so arduous.