women to watch in 2012

One of the benefits of being active on social media has been meeting and building relationships with some fabulous and talented women. With all the resolutions floating around, there’s no better time to resolve to keep an eye on the blossoming talent we have here in Toronto. The ladies listed below have inspired, entertained and enlightened me – I’m almost certain they’ll do the same for you.

the one who does it all

Abigail Keeso, founder, Well Rounded

Abigail always seems to have a new project on the go, be it digital design, contributing to BEAUTEZINE, doing PR or completing nursing school. Well Rounded has become a go-to source for a variety of topics and I’m consistently impressed by both the quality and content on the site. I have no doubt that Abigail will continue to do amazing things in 2012! Follow @abigailkeeso on Twitter.

the blogger to watch

Kat Langdon

Kat began blogging late in 2011 but has already made a splash. Somehow fitting blogging in between her day job in PR and nighttime gigs as a vocalist and teacher, Kat puts out consistent content all week long. Striking a balance between personality and timely content, Kat’s blog is sure to blow your mind. She bakes, she sings, she’ll PR your pants off. Come for the content, stay for the amazing videos of her singing – you won’t be disappointed. Follow @kat on Twitter.

the relationship columnists

Shannon Hunter, Love & Sex columnist, Women’s Post

Shannon’s columns never cease to amaze. Being a love & sex columnist is an extremely daunting task – your every move, question and inch of your past are suddenly up for debate – but Shannon handles it with grace. Each column is honest and straight from the heart, speaking words you probably wish you could say yourself. Leaving no stone unturned, Shannon’s written about new love, loss, abortion and dating in Toronto. Follow @shananigans5 on Twitter.


Jen Kirsch, relationship expert and blogger, Blonde Bronzed Twenty-Something

Chances are you’ve already read Jen’s work. As well as posting almost daily on Blonde Bronzed Twenty-Something, Jen’s work has been featured in ELLE, AOL & SliceTV to name a few and she’s also been an expert guest on CanadaAM. Jen’s posts on on BBTS are consistently uplifting, leaving you with the feeling that everything is going to be OK. No matter your relationship issue or query, Jen has the answer. Follow @blondebronzed on Twitter.

the one who says what you’re thinking

Valerie Stachurski, blogger, I’m Charming You

Val is no less than charming at any given time. Quick to form an opinion and speak her mind, Val is one of Toronto’s best lifestyle bloggers. Going beyond the incessant amount of self-photos and drunken party recaps that are so common of many Toronto bloggers, Valerie provides both substance and style. I’m Charming You is cutting social commentary with a side of charm. With an impressive readership and a growing Twitter presence, Val is a great partner for any PR pro looking to get the word out. Follow @valtorontogal on Twitter.