Happy World Animal Day! [+ giveaway for your pet]

It’s been almost six years since, after months of searching for the perfect pup, I brought a tiny 1.2lb critter home in Kingston. She was perfect. Mischievous, fluffy and bright, she kept us all on our toes and won over the hearts of everyone she’d meet. Seriously – could you resist this face?



In the past 6 years, Chloe has been there to snuggle with me whether I needed some reassurance or comfort, laughs or naps, or just a quick kiss on the nose. She’s become a constant companion for my parents, the people who said they would never ever get a dog. To see Chloe go from being confined to a single room (mine) plus anywhere with tile to having the run of the house has been nothing short of miraculous. As much as we love her and love to spoil her, it’s no surprise that recent survey conducted by PetSafe Canada revealed that 98 per cent of respondents feel that interacting with their pet improves their general wellbeing. We give to our pets, but they give back in a major way.


I always knew I wanted a dog, but I never realized how much of an impact having would would have on my life and those around me. Chloe’s a constant fixture in my life, a constant topic of conversation with friends, new and old, and a frequent model on my Instagram page. She greets my old housemates like long lost friends every time they visit, never once forgetting the people who were there for her from the start.

268340_3689867419657_76347019_n-600x600Today, on World Animal Day, take an extra few minutes to spend time with your pet – ruffling their ears, giving them an extra belly rub, throwing that ball for the umpteenth time – and show them you’re thankful for all that they do and what they bring to your life. They deserve it!

DSC02996Want to spoil your pet even further? Petsafe Canada has been lovely enough to provide me with a wicked contest for readers of LEOPARD is a NEUTRAL worth over $200! It contains fun items for both cats and dogs so all the pets in your life can enjoy it. [Cat items not pictured below – they’re with Gatsby the Catsby!]

6 oz box of indigo Smokehouse Strips
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6.5 oz Sweet Potato Dental Sauce – could make for a nice dog gravy on Thanksgiving 😉
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Cat and Dog
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Petsafe Canada giveaway

To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below to leave a comment telling me your best memory with your pet. You can also tweet and like our respective pages on Facebook to get extra entries. Good luck! Contest will close on Wednesday of this week.


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  • bizaaron

    stephaniefusco we’ve got a dog named Chloe as well. She’s getting a haircut today on World Pet Day only by fluke ;^) http://twitter.com/bizaaron/status/518403955257114624/photo/1

  • le_ville

    my favorite comment is my when my dog would come running to me after school! this was back in gr 2!

  • After 2 miscarriages, we adopted our cat Lily to fill our home. She was (and continues to be) a fun addition to our family. And now, 3 years later, our toddler totally loves her too! She will always hold a special place in our hearts.

  • star_chronicles

    My dog looks pretty similar. Best memory is when we first got her. She was so small. I named her Brandy. ❤

  • shertz1981

    When we adopted our two brother cats, we went to an adoption fair. One of the two reached out, grabbed my husband’s pant leg, and wouldn’t let go. Now he snuggles with him every night. So cute.

  • Jonnie Hartling

    My favorite memory with a pet is from when I was a teen. We had the most loving dog the world has ever known. Every night he wold make the rounds from bed to bed in the house so he slept with each of us for a few hours each night. Each night he would come into my room and climb under my covers and sleep there by my feet for a few hours and then he’d suddenly get up and head to my sister’s room.

  • MightyKarine

    I think everytime I’m far from her for long periods of time (weeks or months) the reaction is just priceless and it makes me fall in love with her all over again!

  • stephaniefusco

    bizaaron She looks lovely!

  • tooliecat

    i had a chocolate lab 20 years ago. he was a really good boy, we would go for longs runs everyday. now i have cats, the runs have long stopped, but the naps have increased.

  • suzquiz

    my fave is when she was a puppy but she is still very cute

  • Anne Taylor

    When I was just a baby, my parents bought a boxer pup named Tammy!  Tammy loved me so much and would very often pull me around the house by my diaper lol  My mom told me that I was all gung ho for it until she took me over a step!

    One Christmas we all went to church as a family.  When we came home, the 3 gingerbread houses that we had made were off of the mantlepiece and on the floor with most of it eaten.  It was Tammy lol


    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  • lbolduc0

    my pug is not doing good, he has been sick for over a year now and he has taken a turn for the worse this past week, its sad to say but his time my be up as he is in to much pain!

  • hmrcarlson

    lbolduc0  I have a pug, too. I am so sorry to hear that!

  • hmrcarlson

    My hubby and kids surprised me with our pet pug, Dexter for my birthday this past year. That first moment when he jumped on top of me and licked “hello” was the best!

  • lorihook

    My son so wanted a dog and we adopted from a rescue shelter our new family member Diesel. Our favorite moments with Diesel is when he wakes up in the morning he brings one of his favorite dog toys to each of us as a good morning gift. He does this every day!

  • SueSueper

    I like playing with my cat on a big cat scratch climber with a string with a pom pom on it.  Lots of fun.

  • DaniDistel

    When we first adopted our dog, Max, 10 years ago my brother was so excited that he would do everything with the dog-he even took the dog in the shower!

  • vilmark

    My favorite memory was when we first brought home chewbaca him sitting in my arms in the back seat licking my face

  • littlemmm

    My favourite memory is when we were painting our bedroom and had our dressers taken apart, we turned around and Bauer had squeezed himself into a drawer on the bed. I laughed until I cried.

  • CourtneyFudger

    My best memories is of my Dog meeting my sons for the first time. He really stepped up to his big brother role!

  • Rebby

    I travel with  my cat all the time, she loves road trips, so definitely her very first trip with me is my fave memory!

  • shutch

    My favourite memories of my pup are seeing him so happy at the dog park. He loves to run full speed ears tucked back and dog hanging out. He runs around looking for dogs smaller than him who just want to run too!

  • SummerPlewes

    This is very hard to pick. I suppose my favorite memory is this one.. the time he stole my peach from the hammock lol.

  • Karla Sceviour

    WHen my kitty was little,,whenever I was sitting on the computer chair,,he woudl cry to get up,and sleep in my arms 🙂

  • LoriButler

    my little LaPom is actually quite the monster at times, I always have new fav moments with him, as when I am coming into the house he is always there to greet me with kisses

  • mhenderson80

    When Kitty (my dog) was a puppy she taught herself to climb onto my shoulders every time we went for a car ride so she could see out the window. She still does it  to this day even though she’s a tad over weight and doesn’t really fit up there anymore.

  • emilymelissabee

    As I was reading this post, I was scratching Henry between the ears. As I’m typing, he’s stepping on the keyboard – so I better keep it short… he’s the boss. 😉
    We got Henry when he was eight months old, just last April. Elamin had never had a pet and was nervous and skeptical – and I hadn’t met Henry yet – the backstory being that he had been left outside in my parents’ neighbourhood in a cardboard box that said “Help me!” on it, and Elamin and I decided to take that as fate that it was time to get a cat. I have had so many good memories in such a short period of time, but that first day with Henry was unbelievably special. He sat in the back seat of my parents’ car with me as my dad drove me back to Toronto, and he was exploring the car floor at my feet – when suddenly, out of nowhere, his little head and paws popped curiously up between my knees. I fell in love. That afternoon, after he had used his litter box and eaten a bit, he laid on my lap and fell asleep – totally comfortable after only a few short hours. I’ll never forget it.