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Top 3 Things Missing From The Ontario Housing Announcement

This morning, the Wynne government announced a series of 16 measures designed to make Ontario’s housing fairer for families and individuals. Unfortunately, these measures seem to be more focused on the mounting pressure for the government to do something, anything, to cool, correct and stabilize the burning-hot market rather than…

Coming full circle in Kingston: Queen’s Media & Journalism Conference

In March 2013, I spoke about digital communications, community management and blogging at the Queen’s Media & Journalism Conference in Kingston, ON.

Track the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election Online

Today’s the big day. Want to go beyond the maps and poll results and keep tabs on things like voter sentiment and how many people have voted? The Internet’s got you covered. Facebook’s America Votes 2012 Map Head on over to Facebook’s America Votes 2012 map to see, in realtime,…

Trickle-down awareness: memes, social media & the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election

In 2008, everyone was certain we were seeing the first “social media election”. The term was paraded around day & night; candidates and their supporters flocked to Twitter and Facebook; many a voter turnout prediction was made. What we saw in 2008 was nothing compared to what we’re seeing now…

PR 101: Don’t be a Weiner

By now, you’ve heard the story of U.S. Democratic Representative Weiner, he of Twitpic fame. [missing out? see the end of this post for The Anatomy of a Scandal] It sounds like a bad joke: Representative Weiner tweets a photo of his wiener. Unfortunately for the Representative, this situation was…

The Opposite of Apathetic

We know, we’ve heard it all before. We, the youth, simply don’t care.

Recent vote mobs at universities across the country dare you to think otherwise.

Old dogs, old tricks

Canada, welcome to election season! With our 41st election upon us, there’s no doubt that politicians and their respective parties will be pulling out all the stops to attract new voters & retain their base. That’s all well and good, but… Is a little originality too much to ask for…