How to look presentable after a workout: 5 hair savers

We’ve been doing a bit of astrology talk this week, so it might as well continue. As a Leo, I’m a little obsessed with my “mane”. OK, a lot obsessed. After years of dealing with pouffy triangle-head curls and tangling with round brushes and “steam” flat irons, I finally learned my way around a round brush, blow dryer and curling iron.


In sharp contrast to my frizzy days above, my hair now garners envious looks and questions about how on earth I manage to coif it every morning. Since I lack in video-making skills, I can’t exactly show you how I do it, but I can tell you how to avoid looking like something the cat dragged in when you need to fit a workout into your pre-work routine. My dirty little secret? My hair is usually on day 2 or 3 post-wash on any given day.

Post-Workout Hair Savers

If you’re starting with a semi-fresh blowout, take some care to preserve it during your workout. Gather your hair as if you’re about to put it into a high pony and, instead of securing it with an elastic right away, twist it tightly until it coils around itself into a bun shape. Secure with an elastic – or two – I like Goody’s Ouchless Elastics. To keep your hairline from getting too gross, slip on a headband like the Swiftly headband from Lululemon . Not only will it keep sweat out of your eyes, it’ll also pull sweat away from your head with its moisture-wicking fabric.

Post-workout, survey the damage. If it’s irreparable, proceed to Plan C. If you can see a refreshed blowout at the end of the tunnel, proceed to Plan A. If you’re not quite sure, give A a try – there’s always Plan B.

Plan A: Refresh!

If your hair is damp but not dripping, you can probably salvage it like I do most mornings. Flip your head over and tousle with your fingers & blast the roots with a blow dryer on high heat. Flip your head back up. If your hair seems flat, apply a volumizing dry shampoo like Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume (I’m obsessed with Batiste – it’s affordable & the best I’ve tried) and brush it out as per the directions. Using a round brush like Raincry Professional Large Magnesium Curling Brush and a blow dryer, reshape the hair around your crown and framing your face. Finally, touch up any wilted sections with a large-barrel curling iron and set the look with L’Oreal Elnett Hair Spray (a cult classic well worth the praise it receives).


Plan B: Disguise

If you get through the Refresh steps and still don’t think your hair is passable, it’s time to employ the fun bun. At this point, you can decide to tease your hair into a fun bun or you can employ a mesh hair donut (get one at the beauty supply store or H&M for a couple of bucks). I usually go for the donut since it’s less damaging. Gather your hair into a high pony and secure with an elastic. Pull the pony through the middle of the donut and allow the ends to fall evenly over the sides. Curl the hair under and roll the donut towards your head, tucking in stray pieces as you go. Secure any loose hair with bobby pins and you’re good to go!


Plan C: Go au naturel

If your hair looks hopeless pre-shower, take one for the team and just wash it. Once you’re out of the shower, flip your head over and gently squeeze excess water from your hair with a towel. Apply a volumizing, curling mousse like Dove Style + Care Whipped Creme Mousse and allow to air dry. Depending on your hair type, you’ll end up with beachy waves or defined ringlets.


That’s it! If you’re feeling extremely lazy, you could always toss your hair into a fun-bun pre workout. The mesh donuts are so magical that they’ll keep your hair secure throughout the entire workout. Pop on a sparkly headband and you could even head to an event afterwards. Don’t tell anyone I’m letting you run around with dirty hair, OK?