The Catch-Up

Happy Monday! It’s been a whirlwind of a week + weekend and there are no signs of things slowing down for the rest of May. We have family celebrations, a wedding, the long weekend…and then it’s our 1-year anniversary weekend!

Colette Mother's Day Floral Workshop Tea Roses

I was down with a sinus infection last week and was shocked by how hard it knocked me out. It came on fast & furious Sunday and only got worse until Friday. I woke up in a much better state on Saturday which was amazing news – I had bought tickets for my mom & I to attend a tea & floral workshop at Colette! It was the most fun and she’s already requested that we go back next year. I also had my – wait for it – 10 year high school reunion on Saturday night followed by engagement & housewarming celebrations for our friends Carlo & Ashley at their new apartment. I was shocked by how much fun I had at the reunion and also by how many of my fellow old girls read the blog (hi!).

Stephanie Fusco Colette Mother's Day floral workshop

Stephanie Fusco BSS Old Girl
Bishop Strachan School 2006 10 year reunion

I wrapped up the weekend with brunch at YAYA in Leslieville with Amanda + Anne – a good, old-fashioned girls’ gab about everything under the sun – and a visit to a little market at Moksha Maple. My cousin Theresa makes the cutest crocheted goodies – visit Petit Remy on Etsy! – so we went to support her…and ended up buying gorgeous handmade soaps, a hand-sewn floral kimono and even having my aura read by Energy Gypsy. What a weekend!

Petit Remy Toronto handmade crochet baby gifts
Energy Gypsy Toronto Vaughan Energy Aura Readings

OK – that was way more personal information than I’ve ever shared at once but I really felt like I should download a bit. On to the links! xo

If you loved to watch The Biggest Loser, this is a must-read. I was always addicted to the show: the combination of personal and physical change coupled with the craziness of their methods always sucked me in. If you thought the weight loss was too good to be true, this New York Times feature on rebound weight gain for Biggest Loser contestants will confirm your feelings. It’s a fascinating read about what your body does once you lose mass amounts of weight.

I’m dying to get a tattoo and if I did, it would probably look something like one of these gorgeous watercolour-style tattoos. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Does Donald Trump infuriate you as much as he infuriates me? Hillary Clinton isn’t perfect – who is? – but when he doubled down on her during a speech last week and claimed she wouldn’t even be getting 5% of the vote if she wasn’t a woman..well…that really got to me. This Washington Post piece on playing the “woman card” is spot-on.

In social media news, Lancome and Target have partnered with Snapchat for their first foray into e-commerce ads.These ads are shoppable, meaning you can click right out to an e-commerce site and pick up that lipgloss you were just coveting. I’m so curious to see how this eventually pans out for influencers (because it probably will).

My dad’s specialty is “fried pasta”, that is, scrambling an egg into day-old cold spaghetti. It’s one of our favourite meals and always infuriated my mom…she did all the delicious ground work, after all! Bon Appetit’s spin on his secret recipe is a Spaghetti Pie (which is basically the same thing but cheesy and baked in a springform instead of tossed in a frying pan).

That’s all for now! Hope you have a great start to the week.