The Catch-Up

I swear we had the least restful weekend in history! Mike and I spent the entire weekend with family, from heading to the Jay’s game with my parents on Thursday (we won!) to attending his cousin’s confirmation on Friday and Sunday to dinner at Michael’s On Simcoe (delish!) with my family on Saturday. This was our first Mother’s Day since getting married and we’re still learning to split up the family time. Since I knew we had the confirmation on Sunday with Mike’s family, I took my mom to Colette last weekend for a high tea + flora workshop. I’d say it was a good happy medium! It was great to spend so much time with everyone but also bananas to cram so much into three days. IMG_2842Oh, and I also discovered that I’m allergic to penicillin when I broke out in a full body rash from the antibiotics I’d been taking for 9 days…. So that was fun. I spent some time at my parents snuggling with Chloe while I recovered from the itchy scratchies, so it wasn’t all bad. I hope you enjoy this week’s link round-up!


For Mother’s Day, we gifted our moms with five soaps from The Good Bar, Toronto-based handmade soap company that creates their soaps in small batches. Of course, I couldn’t help but pick one up for myself…and I chose their charcoal soap. There’s been so much buzz about this ingredient that I knew I couldn’t hold off on trying it any longer. Apparently I’m not alone – charcoal is still having a serious moment! Beautiezine rounded up the latest in charcoal beauty products.

Are you as guilty of this as I am? Instagram can become an addictive black hole where everyone’s life magically looks perfect. Suddenly 15 minutes turns into an hour and you’re 50 weeks deep in someone’s life, imagining what it must be like to live in their shoes. Unfortunately, as inspirational as the platform is…it’s doing less to inspire us than you may think. Learn how to get your Instagram habit under control.

Confession: I love to complain. So much so that my husband keeps a running tally of all the things bothering me in a day (whether it’s a twitchy eye, getting cut off on my way to work or even a would you believe this happened situation). I’m not alone: our generation loves to vent! Unfortunately it’s been shown that complaining might be bad for your health. This article explains how to put your gripes to good use and complain effectively.

This is rich coming from a blogger, but hear me out. Women struggle with self-promotion. I’m the first one to say that people should be recognized for their work, but I also have serious trouble with people who shout it from the rooftops when they work late / do well on a project / etc. Apparently this is an extremely common predicament for women, which is why this advice from a life-coach on how to manage self-promotion is so helpful.

Hope you have a great week! xo