The Catch-Up

Happy Monday! It’s been awhile since the last catch-up – I’ve been on a big of a blog hiatus for no reason other than I just haven’t felt motivated to write. Which is tough, because I really like writing. A lot has been going on that’s made me just want to veg when I get home, but hopefully that’s all turning a corner now. If you’re ever feeling like you want a bigger peek into my day-to-day, you can always find me on snapchat! My username is stephanie.fusco and I post…all the time. 

But I digress. The last few weeks have been crazy and this weekend was no different! I spent my Friday afternoon working at our friend Steph’s house when my WFH plans were in jeopardy thanks to spotty internet. Bonus: got to cuddle with little Benny! Find him on Instagram for all the smiles.

Oreo Benny Instagram puppy labradoodle

Saturday & Sunday were filled with family parties, deep-cleaning and re-arranging the condo to make room for Mike’s new recliner and, yes, a little house-hunting. Oh, and I got an early birthday present: Mike took me to see Matilda! It was excellent.

Matilda Mirvish Toronto

Without further ado, here are 5 links that I think you should read right now to get your week off to a great start.

This piece came out a month ago, but I’m still obsessed with it. Like it or not, social media has become currency for teens and it’s terrifying. Open your eyes to this new world by learning what it’s like to grow up in the age of likes, lols and longing

Pokemon Go is changing our world at an extremely rapid pace. Just in this past weekend alone, people have been hurt, mugged and even found a dead body while playing the game. And average people have found their homes turned into gyms, where players congregate at all hours to train their Pokemon. Our heads-down society has turned mobile. It’s hard not to imagine the implications.

A woman’s career doesn’t look like a ladder so much anymore – it’s more like a twisty-turn-y map as priorities change. More and more women are stepping off the career laddertrading in their 9-5 for full-time freelancing or passion projects. But what does that mean?

Need some motivation on #MotivationMonday? Here are 11 ways to get things done when you have zero motivation.

Expertly arched brows, chiseled contour, doll eyes with a cut crease and disco-ball glow. It’s one thing on Instagram, but it’s quickly transitioning into being full-time, full-face, real-life makeup. And it’s weird. Trends are one thing, but is instagram making us beauty clones?

Coming up on the blog this week:

  • Our 45-sqft condo balcony reveal (for Linsday, who reminded me that I never actually finished the piece after teasing it)
  • Part 2 of our Boston / Cape Cod / Martha’s Vineyard anniversary trip (see Part 1: A Weekend in Boston)
  • A review of the new LUSH cosmetics app and a peek at the products I ordered with it
  • And, maybe, how I’m trying to whip my nails into shape after much neglect with a CND Rescue Kit I received +  a peek at Benefit’s full range of brow products. If I have time to take photos, that is.

Have a great week! xo