The Opposite of Apathetic

We know, we’ve heard it all before. We, the youth, simply don’t care. While those election things are a-happenin’ we’re sitting on our porches drinking beer or watching Teen Mom…or something. We don’t vote, we don’t read the platforms, we couldn’t care less.

But hey, guess what. It’s our fourth election in 7 years. We’re sick of being deemed ‘apathetic’ and sick of parties refusing to acknowledge us as a demographic worth targeting.

We, the youth, staff federal, provincial and municipal campaigns. We push your content on social media. We care enough to make sure we can vote at home while we’re away at school or find ways to prove we live in the cities we go to school in so we can vote there instead. We’re the people knocking on your door during our third canvass of the day. We’re that student huddled around a TV at the school pub with 50 of our classmates furiously debating party politics and speaking points.

A few weeks ago, Rick Mercer made an appeal to the youth that was heard ’round the country.




What resulted was the opposite of apathy. Prepare to be inspired.

At University of Guelph, students surprised the CPC tour with a flash mob proclaiming “Surprise! We are voting!”

At the University of Ottawa and McMaster University, students turned out in droves to inspire their fellow students to vote.

At University of Victoria, students demanded respect for their votes and explained what youth vote for.

That’s not all., a site devoted to people-powered change, has an ever-growing list of vote mobs being planned at universities across the country. The grassroots organization also put out a video of its own, a parody of the Molson “I Am Canadian” commercial that still hasn’t lost its touch.

Still think the youth won’t vote? Think again. We’re more motivated than ever to vote in this election and, let’s face it, after 4 in 7 years, we’re basically pros.

I’m voting for change.
I’m voting for respect for democracy.
I’m voting because it’s my civic duty to do so.

On May 2nd, VOTE. It only takes a second and it’s more important than ever.