What dreams are made of: Breakfast at Tiffany

As a blogger, pitches can sometimes feel like emails from group-buying sites: you either scramble to open them so you don’t miss out or they get an auto-delete. OK, I’m never that harsh – almost every pitch makes me excited – but as a busy, working gal I’ll often mark a pitch as read and plan to get to it later. When you get an email with the subject line “You are invited for Breakfast at Tiffany” there’s none of that. What you actually do is squeal, freak out to your co-workers and respond within 5 seconds. Creepily fast. Brag-about-it-to-your-coworkers-for-three-weeks fast.

The reason for this exciting breakfast invite? After 24 years on Bloor St. W, Tiffany uprooted and moved a hop skip and jump down Bloor, closer to Avenue than Bay, to open up a new 5,800 sq. ft. location. It’s located at 150 Bloor St. W., but you can’t miss it. The store’s facade is now outlined in the brand’s signature Tiffany blue.

Tiffany Bloor St Facade
Photo credit: Tiffany & Co.

The design of the store is beyond gorgeous. As you step over the threshold, it’s like walking into a cool, serene, spa-like luxury. Everything feels fresh, modern (yet classic) and luxurious.The new design incorporates all of the classic Tiffany elements but feels remarkably new. I’d like to move in permanently, in case you’re wondering. The lower level, below, houses all of the store’s most expensive and awe-inspiring pieces. I told you it could be home!

Photo credit: Tiffany & Co.

This whole event is what I’d classify as pretty much the best start to my day ever. You see, along with being some of the first to check out the newly-opened location we could also try on anything we wanted in the whole store. I’ll let that sink in for a second. This is what I felt like:

Yes, this was like my Audrey and Reese Witherspoon moments all rolled up into one. There’s nothing quite like being told you can try on anything in the store (bested only by being told you can take whatever you’d like home!). I took the opportunity to try on some beyond-my-wildest dreams pieces, including this stunner with a 4.28ct centre stone and .51 diamonds around.

Tiffany Bloor St. large diamonds

It’s 276k, if you’re wondering. They couldn’t give me actual numbers, but the marketing team estimates that one or two pieces of this calibre are sold each month at the Bloor St. location – whoa!


The upstairs is just as luxe as the lower level – you can’t help but gravitate towards the glowing showcases. This level showcases Tiffany’s more contemporary jewelry, including the newly re-released Atlas collection, plus silver gifts and the engagement salon. I’ll give you a few moments to prepare for seeing it – it’s that lovely.


Tiffany Bloor Street baby

Have a special baby in your life? We purchase Tiffany dish sets for the newbies in our lives – a nice replacement for the silver rattles that are no longer sold. I also would not object to someone purchasing this adorable be-bowed Tiffany blue mug for myself. Hint hint…

Tiffany Bloor St. Ziegerfield Tiffany Bloor St - Gatsby

The Ziegfeld collection is a nod to the roaring twenties, featuring jazz era glamour. I was lucky enough to receive two pieces from the collection for my 25th and still have my eye on those gorgeous pearls – aren’t they stunning? Along with browsing the jewels, we nibbled on some mini scones, croissants and quiches to round out the true Breakfast at Tiffany experience.

Tiffany Bloor St Breakfast Tiffany Bloor St. Breakfast browsing

As Audrey says, happiest girls are the prettiest girls. I’d say I’m pretty darned happy here as I sat pretty in the new engagement salon. Croissant – check; big shiny diamonds – check check check.

Stephanie Fusco Breakfast at Tiffany

Aside from the decor, the largest departure from the previous location was the addition of the engagement salon. Previously, engagement rings were housed right beside the entryway making for a lot of foot traffic as nervous dudes perused baubles on their lunch hours. Yes, I may have witnessed the poor souls experiencing sticker and 4C’s shock on one or two occasions – tis the hazard of working right on the Mink Mile. The new engagement salon is located away from the hustle & bustle of contemporary jewelry at the front of the store on the second level.

Tiffany Bloor Engagement salon Stephanie Fusco

It feels like walking into someone’s opulent dressing room. All of the rings are showcased in the circular display at the centre of the room with a future fiancé fainting couch (kidding!) to the left and consultation tables to the right. Yes, the room is designed to make you both comfortable and excited at the same time. I won’t lie – the majority of us spent the majority of our time in this room. How could we resist?

Tiffany Bloor St - engagement salon

The zero-pressure situation (ladies only!) meant we tried on some extremely large and clear diamonds. All the better to see which styles we like, right? In case you’re curious…

Tiffany Bloor Street embrace engagement
Tiffany Soleste – a cushion modified brilliant diamond encircled by a double row of bead-set diamonds with a diamond band.
Pretty, but the raised diamond and double halo weren’t for me.

IMG_3611  IMG_3661
Tiffany Legacy – Edwardian-inspired cushion-cut surrounded by bead-set diamonds. This is by far my favourite ring – it’s so elegant with the delicate, flush halo. I had always thought the classic Tiffany setting would be what I liked best, but I found the knife-edge band to be uncomfortable.

Sarah Kelsey is wearing the Tiffany Emerald Cut Three Stone Ring – three emerald cut diamonds set on a plain rounded band. This was her pick (hint hint). This ring packs a mega-punch – there’s nothing subtle about it; it’s incredibly glamourous.

Sarah was an excellent ring-shopping buddy – we both have chubby little fingers which can make finding the perfect rock a challenge. We persevered, though, and both found our dream cuts of diamonds. It’s hard not to in an environment like the new Tiffany engagement salon!

What I wore: Royal blue wrap dress (the Kate Middleton engagement dress, naturally), Banana Republic x Issa / Chanel bag / Statement necklace, Judith & Charles / metallic Dior flats, hr2

Thanks to Tiffany & Co. for hosting us at your beautiful new store! I had the best time and can’t wait for the next time I take a casual lunchtime saunter down to the location.

Which Tiffany engagement ring do you covet?