Welcome to the Firkin Revolution

In case you were wondering, I had an awesome Thursday night last week. The lovely ladies from Rock-it Promotions asked me to pop into The Quail near Rosedale station to experience what they were calling The Firkin Revolution.

Little did the lovely Rock-it ladies know, but I have a rather long and complicated history with The Quail. You see, I have a girlfriend from Queen’s who just so happens to live right around the corner. The Quail and I…we know each other well. Here we are in 2008:

(That’s apple juice, Mom. Apple juice.)

The Quail (and other Firkin pubs) has always been a go-to for casual girls’ nights, summertime drinks and easy dinners with friends. However, it’s never quite been a classy establishment. Behold, The Firkin Revolution.

Our favourite casual watering hole has been transformed into a classy but comfortable British pub! While I usually order a Strongbow when I’m there, I felt the urge to get a glass of white wine (and to sample some of the delicious mixed drink offerings). My night got even better when my date Danny and I ran into my blogger pal Lindsey and her friend. Lindsey and I usually hang out in brightly lit surroundings (terraces and ballet bootcamp studios, to be exact), so it was fun to experience the new Firkin with her. We managed to snag my favourite booth (luckily still there!) and settled in for the night.



As you can see, my favourite spot has come a long way. They upgraded the food and drink menus along with the look, much to my excitement. We had a few scary moments where the waitress passed our booth by, but luckily Dan & Lindsey took matters into their own hands to ensure she came back and we got copious amounts of food.

You’re seeing fish & chips, delicious grilled cheese & some sort of chicken curry on rice. I had dreams about the delicious tartar sauce on the fries (I don’t even eat fish and I came close to mowing that down, too) and the grilled cheese is my new gold standard. I’ll be back for you, grilled cheese, with Lindsey in tow.

Aside from the food and awesome company, I also got the Pinky’s Nails treatment! I’ve heard so much about Pinky’s (I swoon over their Instagram shots) and jumped at the chance to get my nails Britified. While a Union Jack was also on the menu, I decided on a tiara, complete with rhinestones. My lovely nail artist and I chatted favourite products (Seche Vite for a topcoat, if you’re wondering), polish collections and, what else, glitter.

It made me sad to finally remove the art last night and I’m already craving more professionally done nail art. I think it’s time for an appointment!

As for the Firkin Pubs, I couldn’t be more impressed with the revamp and can’t wait to go back. Who’s in?

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