Well-Collected: April Favourites

Indulge me in a cliche, but: how is it already May? The past month has flown by with incredible speed considering we’ve been trapped mostly indoors with nary an IRL social interaction. My April favourites dream of sunnier (and more social) days ahead: there’s a lot of summer prep happening here and I don’t feel bad about it. Think: glossy lips, flushed, dewy cheeks and yes, sandals. Plus, a wonderful new cookbook and a tiny little decor item that’s been a mainstay for both form & function.

Have you ever tried to eat (or cook) with one hand? If you know what it’s like to wolf down a meal with a newborn strapped to your chest in a carrier – or anticipate this might be your future – this is the book for you. Bonus points if that newborn if oft-spotted with sauce on their sweet little head (like mine was): Emma Knight & Christine Flynn get it. Chock-full of nourishing meals you can make without running to the grocery store every 5 minutes, this cookbook is a must in any new parent’s arsenal. While you might be here for the recipes, stay for the essays. I happened across one about solo parenting by Christine on a day I really needed it. Christine and Emma’s personal essays about motherhood – and all that comes with it – were such welcome moments of feeling seen and understood. . Believe me when I say I’ll be gifting this to all of the new and expectant parents in my life. How To Eat With One Hand, $32.95

Your summer skin hero: Fenty Skin’s SPF/Moisturizer combo. The application is incredibly smooth and it dries to a skin-like texture. I haven’t worn it with a full face yet, but it plays well under my gel blush and concealer. To be completely honest, this product has pretty much zero downside: it doesn’t pill under makeup, it doesn’t leave a white cast and it smells amazing. The packaging is beautiful and the pump-style bottle is refillable. And…did I mention the fluid is the perfect shade of millennial pink? Adorable. * This recommendation comes to you from my forever work wife, Sam. She sent me a YouTuber-style review video to encourage me to buy it, so you know she’s not playing around. Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30, $46

Speaking of gel blush, I can’t get enough of this sheer balm stick in the juiciest melon hue from Olio E Osso. I kept spotting it on the Instagram Stories of my favourite beauty editors and was chuffed to hunt it down at the perfectly-curated Erin & Co. shop. Perfect for your effortless summer beauty look, it glides on without tugging and is easy to pat into skin for that freshly-flushed vibe. Packed with nourishing oils, the Olio E Osso Balm Stick is naturally-sourced, minimally-processed and hand-produced in the USA. Olio E Osso Balm Stick in #2 French Melon, $36

Not that either of us need another gloss, but if you’re going to get one…this is the one. My friend Stella (who always has the best beauty recommendations) suggested I add this to my Sephora spring sale order and it did not disappoint. Plush, sheer and offering up the kind of nourishment you’d expect from a balm, this gloss will be a summer mainstay. The milky-sheer shades pair beautifully over matte lip pencils and there’s not a doubt in my mind I’ll be picking up more ASAP. Tower 28 Beauty ShineON Milky Lip Jelly Gloss, $18

If I had to pick one seemingly-silly item that made me smile and improved my day-to-day this month, this match stick holder would be it. Really. I love a good candle moment & am constantly reaching for matches (read: the dozens of wedding favours I still have on hand). Stella (of the great gloss recco) suggested decanting them and here we are. This hand-poured concrete match stick holder fits about two boxes-worth of matches and looks adorably chic next to my (embarrassingly expansive) candle collection. The only downside is that I’m compelled to order another few to keep around the house. Concrete Match Stick Holder with Striker, $32

You’ve probably been seeing these sandals everywhere. Maybe even often enough to consider getting yourself a pair (guilty). The big buckle on these classic Birkenstock sandals – and the fresh white leather – feel perfect for spring/summer. They might even help distract from your DIY pandemic pedicure. They’re sold out just about everywhere, but this link will take you to the only spot I’ve found them. Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle Leather Slide Sandals, $210

That’s all for this month! Follow me on Instagram at well.collected for more picks. xo